A downloadable game for Windows

Keep the firefly alive … it’s your last hope …


  • AD - Movement
  • W or Space - Jump
  • E - Pick up / drop
  • Right Click - Aim / throw

Made in 72h for Ludum Dare 46: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/46/ice-light

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsThorn Dragon, ThornDuck, Daniel L. Grave - Productions
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
Tags2D, Ludum Dare 46, Pixel Art
LinksLudum Dare


IceLight.rar 26 MB


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Nice atmosphere! I hope to see this turned into a full release someday.

My best regards.

Daniel estou procurando desenvolvedores de jogos para contratar para trabalhos, favor me informar seu contato

Pode me contactar pelo email: daniellicas.2003@gmail.com


Amazing... as always!
Liked the new logo intro ;D

Short though, should work more on it^^

Thanks dude :D


I wasn't sure if this was intentional but I couldn't see anything except the light and the player character. Therefore I couldn't find my way around the level (the collisions were still there).


Can you describe how it happened? When you started the game, was it possible to see everything normally?


The game looked like this from the very beginning. In fact I couldn't see the player until I dropped the light. The only other thing I could see besides the player was the bird.

Do you use Windows? Well, I really don't know what could have happened, if you want you can try to download it again. Anyway thanks for trying! :D


I use windows 10 x64. No problem! Would've loved to play it but it does look great!